Holley M. Murchison
Holley M. Murchison
Illustration by    Yukai Du

Illustration by Yukai Du

TMAY Digital Storylab

April 30, 2019 • 6pm - 8pm EST

Designed for creative minds with promising ideas who struggle to compellingly talk about the layers of themselves and their work, the Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY) digital storylab is a live opportunity to learn how to authentically discuss your craft, foster genuine connections and partnerships, and confidently articulate your purpose and ideas in high stakes conversations and interactions.

During the storylab, you’ll learn how to use the 6-step TMAY method to develop introductions about yourself and your business for:

  • Networking events and conferences

  • Digital spaces (websites, social media profiles, bios, etc.)

  • Interviews and pitches

  • Email introductions

  • Everyday conversations

Open to just 50 participants, the storylab will be facilitated on Zoom Video Conferencing by Holley M. Murchison, creator of the TMAY method and book.

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