Holley M. Murchison
Holley M. Murchison

Special projects

what I'm working on now and some past faves.  

Berrett-Koehler Publishers • September 2017

Berrett-Koehler Publishers • September 2017


My debut book, Tell Me About Yourself, is now shipping worldwide. It's an action guide to help craft confident, compelling introductions and articulate your usefulness to the world in an ever-changing, multi-sided marketplace, and in a climate where we all need to contribute to moving things forward. Buy it here.


@ oberlin college & Conservatory of Music

During the 2016-17 school year, I taught Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Leadership (#ENTR100), worked with the Creativity and Leadership department to expand Oberlin’s entrepreneurship program, and served on the leadership and production team for LaunchU; the school's annual startup accelerator and pitch competition. I was also named one of the top 10 entrepreneurship professors of 2016 by 3 Day Startup

SpeakerLab 2016.png

speakerlab @ oberlin college

I launched SpeakerLab as a pop-up event at Oberlin to connect students to artists, creatives and entrepreneurs disrupting industries on their own terms. Guest speakers shared their stories, hurdles, and career successes, then through a collaborative prototyping lab, worked with students to develop ideas of their own.


The Tell Me About Yourself podcast was created - like it's sister-book - for dynamic human beings constantly redefining themselves, their work, and the world around them. It explores the journeys of artists, creatives and entrepreneurs accurately and artfully defining themselves and their successes on their own terms. Listen here.

Dream Directing @ tfp

As Dream Director during the 2014-15 school year, I worked with the students, staff and administration at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School in San Francisco to help transform and improve their school culture. From a complete cafeteria space makeover in partnership with SFUSD's Future Dining Experience Team to a schoolwide beautification day, I led a Dream Team of students (affectionately known as the Bay Squad) in executing projects that merged their passions and interests with their desire to change things around them. 

The hall pass Tour

The Hall Pass Tour is a collective of musicians, educators and creatives collaborating with urban and rural schools to produce concerts celebrating the dreams and leadership of young people to spark school change. Since the 2011 launch, the tour has reached over 30,000 students, educators, artists, parents and community members. From 2011 - 2016, I served as Founding Partner, Tour Ops Manager and Host. 



ZLMR is an immersive program helping catalyze entrepreneurial behavior in artists. Four times per year, it brings teams of musicians together to focus on recording music and applying their creativity to their business strategies. Since 2014, I've been a mentor in the program working with teams to confidently articulate their stories and business ideas for presentations at the close of the residency and in their journeys after. In 2016, I completed the residency and became an alum through my work with the Hall Pass Tour. 

Be Heard

A free course we produce at Oratory Glory to help young creatives (ages 17-21) cultivate communication & public speaking, digital advocacy, and personal brand development skills to level up in the world.

Through company tours, curated workshops, personal narrative projects, guest instructors and speakers, students apply what they learn to develop multimedia communication projects that give voice to their beliefs.

instructing @ gA

From 2013 - 16, I taught Public Speaking for Problem Solvers and helped creatives and makers in tech & design tell stories, share solutions and pitch ideas that move people to action. I also worked with the enterprise team as a facilitator for programs with corporate clients including Visa.