Back to School #ENTR10

How do you keep track of all the big dreams you have for yourself? I write mine down … religiously. Sometimes my dreams end up on Post-Its or in my sketch book, other times they land on the 50 sq. ft. block of IdeaPaint on my bedroom wall. I revisit them often, closing my eyes to visualize what it would be like to live out each one.

Then, I tell my closest friends about them. The ones who hold me accountable for doing the work and challenge me to dream even bigger. Earlier this year I wrote down: “guest lecturing and speaking at colleges and universities.” I’ve been talking to my friends and mentors about traveling to different schools to work with college students and help them feel more ready for the world they’ll take on. The power of the written and spoken word can be pretty magical and the past few days have been a true testament to that.

I’m currently living out one of my dreams.

Last Monday, I started my role as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Oberlin College & Conservatory of Music. With music and education being two of my biggest passions, this opportunity is a dream come true. I’m working with the Creativity and Leadership team to grow the school’s entrepreneurship program and develop the next iteration of LaunchU; their annual startup accelerator where students pitch for 50K in funding to jumpstart promising ideas.

Outside of program development, I’m teaching Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Leadership this semester. I’ll advise and mentor students who are invested in ideas designed to positively shift campus culture. And as me and my Oratory Glory team launch our first product and work to secure seed funding, I’ll share my journey with them. They’ll also hear from other entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders disrupting industries to create good.

My first week on campus was dope. In my kick-off session with my entrepreneurship students, they shared what they want to get from the course experience. They completely understand that you don’t necessarily have to become an entrepreneur but, best believe, developing the skillset of one is crucial to thriving in whatever work you decide to do in the world. From freshmen Computer Science majors to 5th year Harp and Politics majors, I ended up with a class full of brilliant minds and big dreamers.



And since there’s room for a few more in the course,  I wandered the 440 acre campus enjoying the scenery, connecting with students and recruiting those eager about catalyzing change to come join the party. As of today we’re almost at the class max of 30 with 24 students enrolled, WOOP!


This Sunday I’m headed back to campus for our second week of class. I’m amped to see what they create together throughout this process and excited for you to be a part of it as well. Check out our course hashtag to stay connected and keep up with their journeys this semester and beyond: #ENTR100

Here’s to dreaming big!