Stylin' On 'Em

Today I’m celebrating the start of my 33rd journey around the sun (#JesusYear)!  Birthdays are always a big point of reflection for me. This year though, in addition to my ritual of going off the grid for a few days to prepare for the blessings to come, I focused this month on cleaning house.

The goal?  To let go of all the things I’d been unnecessarily holding onto in order to make room for an evolution of personal style.  

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” - Gore Vidal  

Growing up as the middle child of 5 with a single mom who stretched her income to make ends meet, I didn’t have the luxury of an expansive wardrobe. I learned how to get creative with the handful of items I owned. At the beginning of September when I took a look at everything taking up space in my house, I knew it was time to get back to that place of essentialism. Multiple bags of clothes, miscellaneous items and shoe boxes later, I could literally feel the difference in my space (physically, mentally and spiritually). Thanks to this book, I got rid of a good 30% - 40% of what I own.  

I’m not one for materialism, so style for me has always been about unapologetic self-expression and individuality. When I shop, I look for things that complement my personality, my values, and my feminine and masculine energies. I’m all about comfortable, quality items that honor the details and stand the test of time. Sign me up for the jeans that’ll last 3 years, not the ones that’ll cost me a mortgage payment and a kidney.  

Whether I’m rocking some cozy Asics Gel Lytes, a hoody,  and running tights to the beach or casual Cole Haan loafers and a cashmere crew while I teach,  I look at what I wear as an external declaration of how I feel and who I am on the inside. My style is a constant reflection of the way I communicate, love, and live: bold and in color. 

Here's a few of my favorite looks and essentials:

Classic little black dress & black suede booties:

Dress, Gap • Suede Booties, Payless (doesn’t it feel good?)

A killer timepiece, collarless shirt, everyday sneakers and corduroys:
(I’m into texture; how can you not love that velvety feeling?)

Watch, Good Posture Blossom Collection • Shirt, Uniqlo • Corduroys, Gap 1969 • Kicks, Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged • Hat, HUF Hawaiian Volley 5Panel

A simple wool jacket, perfect for layering:

Jacket, Good Posture Finchley Road Collection (photo by Adrian O. Walker)

A sweater to rep my college set and crispy 5Panel for incognito moments and days when I’m in between haircuts:

Hat, Obey Gaucho 5Panel • Crewneck, Fanatics Branded (photo by Adrian O. Walker)


With the month winding down and plenty of time left to clean house, how will you style on ‘em this fall?