8 Lessons In Love

Happy Friday, y'all!  

It's been a month since I spoke at CreativeMornings in San Francisco and I'm still on a high. If you’re an early riser, CM is a breakfast lecture series that gathers creative communities around the world for short talks on a monthly global theme. July’s theme was my favorite four letter word: LOVE.  

In a time where we’re flooded with reminders of the darkness in the world - from politics to racial and socioeconomic issues - the acts of love we commit to now are more important than they've ever been. As a woman of color, living in a country where both identities are constantly under siege, and breathing in the urgency of that reality every day, my heart pulled me to use this opportunity to focus the conversation on love, the verb. The kind of love that shows up with so much compassion, kindness, empathy, vulnerability, understanding, and courage that no matter how dark times get, it always fights through to the light on the other side. That kind of love fuels me, personally and professionally. And when I thought about the best way to articulate that in a talk, I decided to share the eight (8) lessons that have shaped my belief in the power of love as a catalyst for change.  


You can check out the full video below. Whether you're on the brink of a big leap or still uncovering exactly how you’ll add value to the world, I hope this talk gives you just the nudge you need to choose love in every step of your journey.