Holley M. Kholi-Murchison
Holley M. Kholi-Murchison


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Speaker Development

For Multidisciplinary creatives and intra+entrepreneurs

Since 2011, I've worked with hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs and executives on speech, pitch and confidence coaching for major events. I’ve also negotiated speaking and teaching opportunities for myself in 15 countries.

Through thought partnership, positioning strategy, comms coaching and content development, I work 1-on-1* with you to hone your unique voice and design a tailored plan of action to use speaking as a channel for business development and a means to expand the impact of your work.

*Also available for co-founders and small teams.

legacy talk

For Multidisciplinary creatives and intra+entrepreneurs

I designed Legacy Talk for emerging leaders who are devoted to bringing visionary ideas to life that lead to sociocultural change. Through thought partnership, coaching, and strategic consulting with a focus on uncovering, organizing and executing 2019 S.M.A.R.T goals — I work with you 1-on-1 to help you develop and execute the ideas and projects you’re being called to act on, and navigate the hurdles that arise along the way with grace.

Learning Partner in Residence (LPiR)

For brands, corporate companies, and educational institutions

Drawing on lessons from 15 years of corporate and non-profit leadership and managerial roles and 10 years as an entrepreneur with expertise in curriculum & instructional design and facilitation, I love designing and implementing learning and development strategies that help people at all levels nurture their passions, hone their edges & strengths, and uncover and act on their potential.

As your Learning Partner in Residence, I work within your organization to help create a clear, measurable path for prioritizing learning and development to foster a culture of self-improvement, innovation, and impact.


“Holley has the unique ability to help people bring out the best in themselves (and do the hard work of articulating that to the world). She is organized, thoughtful, and will become your biggest fan. My time working with her has helped me explore my deeper motivations, refine my core message, and build the foundation I needed to confidently pursue a few of my dreams.”


"I'm unsure of how I lost it - my voice. It's like I woke up one morning and was suddenly mute. And this oratory oracle - Holley Murchison - found a way to summon my voice from wheresoever it was hiding, and remember it's power.  She fortified my truth. In all practicality, she provided a framework and then crafted a one-of-a-kind experience around my intended outcomes and my unique learning style. I went to Holley to prepare for a TEDx Talk, I completed my work with her ready to carve out a new place in my industry.  That is just how holistic in nature her approach to coaching is." 

Sallomé Hralima
Abolitionist & Social Architect

We brought Holley to Haverford as part of our Shapiro Speaking Initiative, which aims to support students' development as speakers and storytellers. Drawing on the ideas and experiences of students, staff, and faculty, Holley worked with us to develop a strategic plan to move this initiative forward. Her workshop gave students concrete tools with which to share their stories and amplify their voices. By tapping into local knowledge and resources, we continue to build on her creative strategies for including a wide range of voices and perspectives in campus conversations. Holley’s expertise, charisma, and professionalism make her a highly effective campus partner, and her change-making approach resonates with academic communities invested in social justice.

— Kristin Lindgren, Ph.D.
Director, Writing Center, Haverford College

There are few people who excel at moving between the vastness of the big picture and the minutia of the details with ease. It makes a huge difference to how story is crafted. Holley is one of these people.

— Genevieve Ennis Hume
Co-Founder, Director of Strategy, Implikit

I was 6 months out from launching my new business and really wanted to learn how to pitch since 100% of my revenue came from referrals. I initially hired Holley to help me with pitching my services to new clients and it blossomed into helping me flesh out an overall business strategy that included pitching. Holley is the best at she does because it felt like a consulting and coaching session. I was nervous moving through some of the pre-work and Holley helped me work through and reroute that energy by offering affirming words, anecdotes and practical strategies. As a result of our collaboration, I now have a working pitch strategy, networking scripts, and a stronger sense of my business self. My time with Holley gave me a solid foundation to stand on with my business and communicating its services out to the world. 

— Kierra Johnson
Founder, Unity Studio

Holley was my game changer. Prior to working with her I didn't know how to communicate what I did without waves of anxiety compromising my message. Once I overcame my fear we worked on tackling larger opportunities. Today I command $5000 or more for speeches! Working with her allowed me to become more comfortable with telling MY story. We created my signature presentation and mined my life for my impactful stories. Working with Holley has made all the difference in my personal life and career.

— Tonya Rapley
Best Selling Author
Founder, MyFabFinance

Holley has been an integral partner for CODE2040's TAP Program, facilitating learning spaces for our students where they are empowered to own and tell their stories in ways that elevate their experiences and make them the foremost expert of their own narratives. Our students sometimes come from experiences that are devalued by dominant culture, and Holley’s approach enables them to see their own stories as beautiful and useful tools to be used for good in the world. Holley's responsiveness to our programmatic needs, willingness to collaborate on workshops and curriculum and her overall cultural competency in working in and around communities of color has made her an exemplary partner.

— Mimi Fox Melton
VP of Programs CODE2040

Working with Holley Murchison has changed the entrepreneurial landscape at Oberlin College and Conservatory. She has inspired students across multiple disciplines to fully engage in impact driven leadership. She has engaged participants in Oberlin's LaunchU accelerator in a process that has expanded and sharpened their abilities to understand, develop and share their unique stories. Holley has a deep understanding of the connectedness of education, communication and culture that permeates everything she does. We are so very fortunate to work with her. 

—  Elyzabeth Holford
Former Director of Creativity & Leadership
Oberlin College and Conservatory